Cronenberg, Gera and Remscheid: new participants from Germany

by HTP_2020

Three teams join the project, under the responsibility of the German Federation.
Let’s see who they are:

These three clubs are the first in Germany to be involved in the ERASMUS project TALENT.

Thomas Ullrich, chairman of the rink hockey section of the DRIV, says: “The ERASMUS project TALENT is very important for the further development of German roller hockey. The project improves our exchange with the Southern European professional associations, especially in the area of coach education, the work with our players and the talent scouting. It will make our coaches better, it will make our players better.”

“We are happy – he continues – that in a first step we can welcome three clubs to the project: IGR Remscheid, RSC Gera and RSC Cronenberg. Three of our clubs with exemplary good youth work. We very much hope to get back on skates soon so that we can push this project not only in theory but also in practice. Other German clubs will also be involved in the course of the project. In the end, the entire German rink hockey will benefit from the TALENT project.”


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