Important information to join the next Youth Gathering in Follonica!

by HTP_2020

To participate in the youth gathering scheduled from 1 to 5 September 2021 in Follonica (Italy), it will be mandatory to present the COVID-19 Green pass, as required by current legislation and underlined by the Federazione Italiana Sport Rotellistici (FISR) (see press release link: _ ).
The green pass certifies one of the following conditions:
* have done the anti COVID-19 vaccination (in Italy it is issued both at the first dose and at the completion of the vaccination cycle)
* be negative to the molecular or rapid antigenic test in the last 48 hours
* be cured of COVID-19 in the last six months
In the case of green pass issued by a molecular or rapid test, the green pass will last in 48 hours and the molecular or rapid test must be repeated to renew the validity of the green pass.

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